A Guide to First Time Buyers

Moving into your first home is a major step and can be stressful but it doesn’t need to be; there are ways to make this stress free.


Lists will help you to keep track of everything, for example, a list of the items you will be taking with you and a list of items that you will need to purchase to live in your new home. If you start this process in advance, you should be sufficiently de-cluttered on moving day, making things easier.

Make sure you take measurements of your new home, so you can be sure your current and any newly bought furniture will fit where you want it to go.

Nobody likes them, but make sure you research the bills for your new home so there are no financial surprises once you’ve moved in. Visit price comparison websites to ensure you’re getting the cheapest deals on utilities and speak to the providers to see if there are waiting times for connection; you may want to book these in advance.

Moving Day

Familiarise yourself with what will happen on moving day, so you know what to expect. Not only will this help to reduce stress, but it will also allow you to plan effectively.

Firstly, speak to the estate agents and the solicitors about picking up the keys. They will tell you the time they will be available, usually between 11am-1pm.

To ease the stress and tiresome heavy lifting, you may want to research removal companies to take the responsibility on for you. Experts such as Coast Removals will take great care of your possessions and ensure a fast, reliable moving service, leaving you to just worry about unpacking and turning your new property into a home.

Finally, a lot of people will be quick to offer advice, some helpful and some less so. Experience counts for a great deal in home ownership!