Are you Ready to Move in Together?

If your romantic relationship is going well, you may be considering whether it is time to move in together. This is an important step in the development of a relationship, so it needs careful consideration, but if handled correctly, it can be an exciting and fulfilling time for you and your partner.

In deciding whether or not to move in together, you need to give some thought to both the practical and the emotional aspects of cohabiting. It is not just about being able to share the cost of rent or that you are spending a lot of time together anyway. You need to actively want to share your lives.

Are you looking forward to waking up next to them every morning and being there when they come home in the evening? Do you know about their annoying habits but still want to be closer to them? Do you have similar plans for the future? It is important discuss what you both want from your relationship. One thing that you should most definitely avoid is to hope that cohabitation will fix any problems. You need to be confident in each other before you move.

What Next?

You may already be spending more nights at your partner’s than at your own home. That is often one way in which people realise that they want to move in together. If not, you may want to practise staying at theirs for a few days at a time just so you know how it feels being in such close proximity.

You also need to decide whether you are going to move into their home, they are going to move into yours, or you are going to find somewhere new that can belong to both of you. Once that is done, an expert moving company such as Coast Removals can transport your belongings and all you need to do is decide where you are going to put them.