Best Apps to Use when Moving House

When it comes to moving house there are so many things to think about, from researching and choosing a future home that meets your requirements to budgeting and organising the move.

You’ll find the information you need is usually available online, with lots of useful places you can turn to that will help you with your adventure.

Here we highlight some of the best apps that can help when moving house. When you need to research all the various costs associated with running your house you can use price comparison apps to work out the running costs for your utilities. Organise these in advance to avoid lengthy waiting times getting connected. Other useful apps you can use are:

Buying and selling apps

There are lots of different apps that help you work out the value of your own home and also let you look for suitable properties in your chosen neighbourhood. You can filter the search to look for suitable houses in the right geographical area, with the right number of bedrooms and at your preferred budget. These apps often have extra information about local amenities such as schools, shops, public houses and stations or motorways.


Use map apps to work out how far your prospective house is from the amenities that you’re looking for. You can work out how far it is to get from your chosen places either by driving, walking or by public transport. Zoom in to street view to look at the area where you’re planning to move to, as marketing materials for selling houses can use quite clever photographic angles that can crop out unsightly features that may be nearby.

These are also useful if you’re calculating the removal costs and you need to know the distance between your current house and your new home. A good removal company will probably have this feature on its website when you ask for a quote.