Broadband & Moving to a New House

When moving to a new house arranging all the different utilities can seem a bit of a hassle. There are the traditional essentials of electricity, gas, water, and there is now, of course, broadband. In the modern world it’s impossible to be without internet for long, so having a reliable broadband connection is essential.

In order to ensure that you have broadband set up quickly at your new address, you need to plan ahead. You should first check as early as possible what services are available at your new location. Most internet service providers (ISPs) and independent comparison sites have a postcode checker online that helps you check what’s on offer. If you’re currently with a cable provider, then you should check whether their services are available in your new area.

You can Take it with You

ISPs are usually happy for you to take your broadband service with you to a new address. You’ll need to have your account details, current phone number, along with your old and new addresses close to hand when you contact them.

If there’s already a service at the new location, then a broadband move should only take a week or so. However, it’s best to contact your ISP earlier than this, as most require at least two weeks’ notice, and if an engineer visit is needed to complete the new connection then this can also take time to arrange. You should be able to take any current equipment, such as your router, with you.

Contracts & Costs

If you have an existing contract then you should be able to continue with it, although if you are in the last three months of a contract then many ISPs will want to switch you to a new one. Depending on your supplier, the contract changeover could be free, although there could be a charge for continuing an existing contract. If there’s no existing broadband service at the new address you may be charged an installation fee.

If you have any other queries or you’re interested in getting a quote, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss it with you.