Decluttering your Home for Christmas

Christmas is an exciting time with lots of entertaining and gifts to unwrap. For many children it is a highlight of their year and they look forward to it for months. For many parents, however, Christmas means lots of new toys coming into the home and contributing to a cluttered environment struggling to keep pace with its storage solutions. With Christmas approaching, this is an excellent time to look at the things around you and see which ones are still useful, and those which could be donated or given away.

As children grow so fast, they may have many toys and garments which they no longer use. These could be donated to charity to help disadvantaged families facing a bleak festive season. Children tend to be protective of their belongings and may not want to give up any of them. The approach should be gentle, with the aim of actively involving children in the process. It may take a little time to explain that giving away items they no longer use is making space for new, exciting things that they will enjoy just as much, if not more.

Involve Children in the Process

Explain to your children that there are less fortunate people out there whose little ones may not get any new toys or clothes for Christmas, and the things your children no longer need could make a huge difference to them. Let your children choose, starting with three piles: Things to be kept, things to give away, and things in between. As children get used to the idea of making way for new gifts and helping needy children, the ‘give away’ pile should get larger and you can remove these items from your home with your children’s blessing.

Moving at Christmas can be stressful, so let us help. If you are considering a move at any time of year, don’t hesitate to contact Coast Removals & Storage for a quote and specialist advice.