Driving in the Snow

Research shows the UK’s least favourite season for moving is winter since weather conditions can be extreme. Our top tips below should help you and your family to move safely.


Plan during the autumn to ensure that you’re fully prepared. Consider changing to winter tyres for extra grip if you live in an area subject to harsh weather. Keep your car battery topped up and screenwash at the right levels. And don’t forget your fuel level. Put blankets and a snow shovel in the boot.

Load less than you might otherwise. The heavier the vehicle, the more difficult it may be to control and the higher the risk of becoming stuck.

Setting off

Remove any excess snow from your vehicle and use de-icer to defrost windscreens rather than water which can re-freeze. If conditions are slippery, pull away in second gear and then stay in a higher gear for better control as you pick up speed. Maintain sufficient speed to keep momentum but not so much that you risk losing control. Drive your vehicle as smoothly as possible and leave more space than usual behind the car in front.

Consider other ways to stop rather than using your brakes. If you’re stuck, turn your wheels from side to side to push the snow out of the way and don’t try to keep moving if the wheels simply spin – this will only dig you in deeper. Use your snow shovel to clear the bulk of the snow and try to spread some grit, gravel or small stones in front of the wheels for traction.

If the vehicle won’t move, call for help and stay warm by running the engine and if safe to do so (never on a motorway hard shoulder), remain in your car.

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