How to Protect and Maintain your Garden Furniture over Winter

With the dark nights approaching, we spend less time in the garden and it’s a good time to think about protecting your outdoor furniture for next summer. Looking after your seating will ensure it gives you years of service.

Take time for maintenance

Cleaning: A basic wash and brush-up is vital to keep your furniture looking good. Removing dirt and debris will also protect it and help it last longer. Detergent, water and a brush will do the job and try to pick a sunny day so it has chance to air. Removable upholstery can be washed, otherwise, spot clean using a mild detergent and water.

Repairs: Take the opportunity to look out for minor repairs. Loose fixings or rough edges can be dealt with quickly. Upholstery fading can be reduced by changing your cushions around often. Metal furniture should be examined carefully for any developing rust, thoroughly sanded and finished off with primer and paint.

Maintenance: plastic garden furniture just needs a good wash-down, but don’t use anything too abrasive as it may get scratched easily. Other materials might need more care. Hardwoods such as oak or teak can be treated with a teak oil to help prolong its life. Softwoods such as pine will need more looking after with a coat of paint or stain. A good sanding down after cleaning will help ensure a good finish.

Safe for the winter

Under cover: After making sure everything is in sound condition, think about storage. As a minimum, keep your seating in a sheltered area where it cannot be damaged by strong winds and weathering. Specially designed waterproof covers are an option if shed or garage space is not available. If you’re short on space, Coast Removals and Storage provides an easy option for dry and safe storage over winter.

Taking a little effort now will ensure that your seating looks its best when the spring weather brings you out into the garden again.