Keeping Safe – Moving Home During a Pandemic

In June, the government removed restrictions they had placed on moving homes due to the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic; they then released guidelines to aid safe home moves.

Moving into a home in the best of times has its stress and difficulties, but during a pandemic, extra worries are expected. The main issue to tackle is how to keep safe.

Viruses can live on surfaces for more than 48 hours, so it is important to minimise contact with high touch surfaces. This can be difficult when moving home but it is easily achieved if a professional removal service is enlisted to do the job; this is certainly preferable to extended family and friends grouping together to help move things.

Aside from the fact they can cause accidental damage to your property by incorrect handling, they will also increase your chances of contracting Covid-19 as it is unlikely that they are trained on proper health and safety handling. It would also be difficult to remain socially distanced in this scenario.

Hire Professional Movers

Get professionals to help with your move and make sure they are Covid-19 conscious, for example, make sure they wear gloves, masks and other relevant PPE. Speak to them about your concerns over the phone and give them a clear picture of the scale and scope of the job so they can put a plan in place you are comfortable with.

Leave your keys in a safe place and evacuate the premises – perhaps take your family on a picnic or a long walk. This will allow the movers to attend and move all your property without coming into contact with you or your family at all.

Coast Removals offer a safe removal service that is conscious of health and safety guidelines and is also very accommodating in these unprecedented times. They are equipped with protective equipment and have well-seasoned staff at their disposal.