Making Sure your Internet Stays the Same After a House Move


There are lots of things that you need to think about when you move house: booking a removal company, taking gas and electric meter readings, and of course getting your internet connection transferred.

Most internet service providers (ISPs) are happy to let you take your service with you when you move. However, cable services are not available in all areas, so it’s important to check with your ISP or use the postcode checker on their website to find out if you can get the same service at your new address.

Whatever type of service you have, it’s worth checking the speeds available in your new location. Not all areas have fibre connections. You can usually find out online what type of connection is available and what sort of speeds you can expect. Sometimes people use a move as an opportunity to switch providers, so it’s worth checking out what other deals are on offer in the area.

Dealing with Your ISP

You need to notify your ISP about the move. You should do this at least two weeks – preferably longer – before the move takes place. Usually a move only takes a couple of weeks to arrange, but when an engineer visit is needed – if the new property hasn’t had broadband before, for example – it may take longer.

Most ISPs don’t charge for a simple transfer, but if there is any extra installation work required, then you may be charged for that. If there is an installation charge, you will sometimes find that it can be waived if you are willing to take out a new contract.

You will usually be able to self-install your equipment at the new address, so make sure you take your router and any associated cables with you. If you have any extra kit like a smart TV box or signal boosters, make sure you take those too.