Moving Across the Country

Moving your home or office across the country can be a very different experience when compared to moving locally. From deciding your moving budget to choosing what and how to pack, things can be made a lot easier with proper planning and know-how. Let’s find out moreā€¦

Planning ahead

Proper preparation is vital to making a long-distance move so, as soon as your move is confirmed, it is important to create a moving checklist:

Decide on a moving day: Summer is usually the ideal time, particularly if you have children, to avoid any disruptions to schooling and settle easily in your new home. If you are looking at minimising the cost of the move, then the off-peak season (September to May) could be a good choice.

In addition, booking your move as early as possible may help you to secure the most affordable price.

Work out your moving budget: You will need to take into account that the cost of moving a long distance can be far higher than moving locally. You will need to find and engage a reliable and affordable removals company based upon their reputation and quotation.

Do check for customer reviews to guide you in your selection, together with any additional services the removal company can offer you.

Packing: You will need to take into account the fact that the more items you decide to pack, the higher your long-distance moving cost will be. Clearly, you will only want to pack items that you will need in the future. All unwanted household items should be donated to charity or discarded in an environment-friendly manner.

Large items of furniture will require disassembling for safer packing and transportation. In addition, unlike short distance moves where you may be able to pack yourself in a cost-effective way, you will probably wish to hire a professional removals firm to handle packing all your prized possessions in a professional and safe manner, using high-quality packing material.