Moving House with Toddlers

Moving home is stressful enough for adults but for toddlers, who don’t really understand what is going on, it can be even worse. Everything they know is about to change and it can easily become overwhelming. With some careful prior planning, however, the move can pass like a breeze.

Don’t Do Everything Yourself

Accept help whenever you can, especially on packing and moving days. Your toddler will cope far better if you can arrange for them to have undivided attention so consider offering grandparents the chance to spend the day with your toddler away from home. If you don’t have family available to help out, consider a play date with friends or neighbours. You’ll be able to concentrate much better knowing that your child is occupied and worry-free. Plus, they won’t be there to get under foot!

Alternatively, depending on the nature of your child, it might be better for them to be involved in the move, to ‘help’ pack and get things ready for the move. You might like to give them a box to pack their own precious things in; things that will be close by and readily accessible during the move. Pack their room last.

Bribery Might Work

Buying your toddler’s co-operation might not generally be your preferred parenting style but on ‘special occasions’, it might just be worth it. Giving a longed-for toy can work as a great distraction or as a welcome reward for good behaviour.

Take their lead insofar as possible and be aware that they might take longer to say goodbye than you do, and they may want to bid farewell to things and not just people. Once you have moved, try and explore the new area as soon as possible and find fun and exciting places as soon you can. New favourite places will help everyone settle. Children adapt very quickly so any issues are likely to be short-lived.