Moving House with your Dog

Packing up and moving house can be a highly stressful time, even more so for dogs who may find the process confusing and frightening. However, there are ways you can make a big move easier for your canine companion.

Consider where your dog will be on moving day

This is a matter of personal choice, and you know best which option would be suitable for your dog. Spending a few days with a trusted relative, friend or dog-sitter can be an ideal way to both remove your pet from a potentially stressful situation and allow you to focus on the logistics of moving and unpacking. Then you can direct your energies on helping your dog to settle in.

However, for dogs that suffer from severe separation anxiety it may be preferable that they accompany you on moving day. In this case it is good practise to begin crate training in the run up to the big day, so they feel comfortable and safe during the move.

Keeping a sense of the familiar in an unfamiliar place

Our canine companions thrive on routine and familiarity. If possible, taking them for walks around the new neighbourhood before you move would be ideal. We recommend that you unpack their toys, baskets and bowls first to help them to feel at home. Accompany your pet on a tour of the home and garden. Stay calm as you allow your pet to investigate to show there is nothing to be afraid of.

While there is so much to do when moving and unpacking, try to keep to their usual routines for mealtimes and exercise as much as possible. This will make them feel at ease and may prevent unwanted anxiety-based behaviours such as chewing, howling and urinating indoors.

If you are considering a move with your pet, don’t hesitate to contact Coast Removals & Storage for specialist advice.