Preparing to Move Across the UK

Preparing to Move Across the UK

The thought of moving across the country can be daunting. But with some careful planning, it can be accomplished stress-free.

Advance Preparation

Firstly, write a comprehensive list of everything connected to your home – service providers, financial accounts, insurance – and double check it. Providers need your change of address; allow at least a month in advance. Use Royal Mail’s redirection service while you are transferring to your new address.

Next, create a timeline. You will probably require three to six months. Spread the packing over several weeks (start with the things you use least). Cultivate a ‘skeleton kitchen’ by moving day, with takeaways to avoid dirty dishes. By now, there should be nothing left to pack.

Measure your furniture to make sure it will fit into the new place – sofas and beds can be awkward. Donate or sell items that won’t fit.

Look for free bubble-wrap, cardboard boxes and newspaper from friends, retailers and recycling drop-off points. To save money, use newspaper in place of packing paper and wrap fragile items in towels, blankets and clothing.

Label boxes carefully, making it clear if the contents are fragile. This makes things easier for the removal team and for you at the other end. Pack a ‘Day One’ box containing the essential items you need to settle in.

Adequate insurance is important whether your belongings are going long distance or simply around the corner. Ask your removal company what they offer.

Using a Removal Company

To transport your belongings across the country, you need to book a trustworthy moving company well in advance. A moving specialist such as Coast Removals will look after your items with great care, ensuring peace of mind.

Ask your removal firm to inspect your home and possessions and give you a precise estimate. If you are moving during the off-peak season from September to May, you may also benefit from some attractive deals.