Reasons Why Every Business Should be Using Offsite Storage

Whether you seek to reduce space, save money and time, or just want better security for your valuable items, offsite storage will guarantee a cost effective solution.

There are many great benefits from using offsite storage for your business:

Space – Offsite storage is an excellent way to realise the true capacity of your business site. Moving your records to a safe offsite storage facility frees up a significant amount of space, providing the opportunity to reduce your rental costs or put this new space to better use.

Security – Offsite storage ensures security and reduces the risk of liability. It is tempting to assume that your records are safe when stored at the main business site, although simple mistakes can lead to unwanted damage and major security breaches. Offsite storage provides 24 hour surveillance for your records, guaranteeing protection against mistreatment or theft. In some cases, offsite storage will also ensure that you can adhere to important data protection rules and regulations.

Saving time – Who wants to sift through endless items? Offsite storage will comprehensively organise your items, providing a full inventory management service. We will take the hassle out of organising and filing your records, ensuring they are available whenever you need them. Our service is convenient and available immediately. We pride ourselves on delivering a tailored and personalised service to our clients, with your precious records available to access 7 days a week.

Saving money – Offsite storage is a highly cost-effective method to protect your files and will save your business substantial sums on storage containers, rental space, as well as staff to haul, organise, log and retrieve the information. The money saved can be used to drive revenue and growth for the business.

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