Top Reasons Why Removals Companies are Better than Man with a Van Services

There are so many costs and things to organise when you move home, so it’s no wonder that some of us forget what might be the most important thing of all – the moving van! So you panic at the last minute, put a shout out on social media and find yourself a man (or woman) with a van.

But getting a man with a van isn’t the best choice for your next move. These are the top reasons why a removal company is better than a man with a van.

Removal Companies Are Prepared

The man with a van only has, well, a van. Once it’s full, what’s he going to do? He’ll make multiple trips and it’ll all add up on top of your budget. And there’s no telling whether or not it properly locks. What will you do when your grandmother’s tea set is scattered across the M1?

A removal company will send out a team and a vehicle best suited for the job at hand. They’ll be ready to offer a packaging system that will ensure your treasured possessions will arrive in one piece and in total safety.

Removal Companies Are Trusted Professionals

Moving home is stressful enough without worrying about whether or not you’ll have a bed to sleep in at the end of the day. Getting a man with a van might be cheap, but who knows what might happen to your things? Knocks? Bashes? Breakages? Put your concerns to rest by hiring professionals you can trust to make things smooth and simple with your move.


Removal companies are fully insured, so your belongings are always protected, no matter what happens on the day!

Ultimately, the professionalism and skill of a removal company such as Coast Removals & Storage will make your moving day feel like a breeze.