Top Tips for Moving House in the Winter


Moving to a new home during winter can present extra challenges. While we’re lucky in the UK not to suffer from too many snowstorms, low outside temperatures and wet weather can still cause havoc on moving day. So, the best course of action is to make a plan and get prepared.

Protecting Yourself & Your Belongings

During the move, furniture, boxes and other belongings often need to be assembled outside before going into the moving van. In rainy and windy weather, boxes get wet, along with any unwrapped fabric items. Before the big day, make sure all fabrics, such as cushions, rugs, and headboards are securely wrapped in plastic. Organise all boxes ready to go in the moving van last, this way they won’t end up sitting in the rain.

Moving is heavy work, but working all day long in a t-shirt in winter isn’t an option. Make sure you dress in several layers, so you can easily peel off and cover-up throughout the day.

Get Your New Place Ready

Moving into to a freezing cold new home is no fun and could be dangerous. In winter, it is especially important that someone goes ahead and checks the heating and power is on. In many cases, moving into the new place happens in the early evening and in winter, this means after dark, when there is the risk of ice. Salting the paths to the doorway and laying down mats to guard against wet and muddy boots is a good idea.

Many hands make light work and this means the job is done quicker too. Whilst some enlist the help of as many friends as possible, the most sensible approach is to hire a professional removals firm such as Coast Removals. Although you can’t always plan when to move home, you can always plan to do it properly.