Top Ways to get your House Ready for Autumn

As the nights draw in and the weather turns colder, it’s more important than ever to make your home into a cosy, inviting space. To help you get ready for the cold season, we’ve put together our top tips for getting your space autumn ready.

Getting your house ready for Autumn

  1. Bleed your radiators: Before the weather turns really cold, it’s important to make sure that your heating system is working properly. Check that your radiators are distributing heat evenly-if they’re hot at the top but not at the bottom, they won’t heat efficiently when it’s time to put the heating on. Now is also the time to service your boiler so you can stay cosy all autumn long.
  2. Invest in draught excluders: Keep those chilly spots at bay by putting draught excluders by gaps in doors. This will help you cut down on heating costs too.
  3. Clear your gutters: When the leaves start to fall, they inevitably land on the roof and gather in your guttering. Keep your gutters clean to prevent build-ups of water and potential leaks and damp spaces in your home.
  4. Organise the kitchen and dining spaces: The start of autumn is the perfect opportunity to get your space organised. In the darker, colder months, the living room and kitchen become warm focal spaces so keeping them neat and tidy will make them extra inviting.
  5. Cosy up your living spaces: Add naturally scented candles, comfortable throws, and big pillows to your bedroom and living room to cosy up with on long evenings. Lamps also add a touch of soft light which are perfect for activities including reading, or catching up with a new TV series.

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