What Can’t Go into Storage?



Packing up your belongings to be moved into storage can be a trying task. There’s a lot of organising, sorting, boxing and labelling. To ensure that your items are kept safe, use this guideline for what can and can’t be stored in storage facilities.

Yes, we cans & no can dos

Starting with the no can dos, hazardous materials such as fireworks, cooking fuel and kerosene cannot be kept in storage facilities, as temperatures can fluctuate in the units, making these items unsafe to store.

Food items like fresh vegetables, canned goods, or pet food attract unwanted pests, which can cause damage to your belongings, so be sure to leave these out.

The next item may sound a little odd, but we can’t store living things, such as pets. If you are going on holiday, try contacting your local kennels to discuss your options.

Suspicious items, such as, illegal substances, items obtained illegally, and weapons cannot be stored – if it’s illegal for you to have, then it’s illegal for us to store.

Items that cannot be put into storage should be stored in a safe deposit box centre or at home, along with money and other high value items, such as jewellery.

Moving on to items that can be placed in storage, we’ll gladly accept household furniture and appliances, as well as, garden goods.

No room for a shed at home? Coast Removals & Storage is the perfect solution for your lawnmower, rakes or wheelbarrow. Seasonal items like holiday decorations, skis and clothing are great to put into storage, so you don’t need to keep your Christmas decorations lying around all year round, for example. Lastly, we can store your commercial goods or merchandise, saving you space at the office.

If you have any other queries or you’re interested in getting a quote, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss it with you.