What to Consider before Moving Business Premises


There may be a variety of different reasons as to why a business will move premises. Firms that are expanding or downsizing will need premises that better suit their business needs. A business that relies upon passing trade may want to move to a better location. In some cases, cost reduction is the primary motivator.

Whatever the reason may be, if you’re considering moving business premises, you will need to think about what the best options are to ensure a seamless transfer. Any clients and suppliers with which your business works on a regular basis should be informed of the move in advance.


With so many firms now reliant upon information technology, IT will require advanced planning to ensure physical cabling, power supplies, telephony and network provision at your new premises and disconnection at the old.

Some furniture and equipment may not be required in your new space. The office plan needs to be clearly defined long before moving day. This will enable you to direct the removal team with regard to the current and planned location of businesses furniture and equipment. This is an ideal opportunity to rationalise and to sell or dispose of unwanted or obsolete items. Ensure that all recycling is conducted in accordance with current guidelines laid out by WRAP and other relevant bodies.

Moving Day

A professional moving service such as Coast Removals will arrive on time and will undertake the physical move with as little interference to your business as possible. Remember to keep somebody on hand, should anything go wrong. A responsible party should be at your old premises as well as the new one.

Hiring a professional removal company means that you won’t have to do any of the heavy lifting and that everything will be properly handled and fully insured.

With careful planning and the assistance of the professionals, moving business premises shouldn’t cause too much operational disruption or loss of revenue.