When is the Best Time of Year to Move House?

You are privileged if you have the luxury of choice when it comes to home removals; most of us are at the mercy of circumstances when it comes to finding a home, exchanging contracts, being in a chain and finally moving. Below we explore the best time of year to move.

Spring & Summer

As the days get longer and lighter, spring is a popular season to move. Mild temperatures are an advantage and bank holidays allow you a long weekend to get organised. Prices tend to be lower than in peak season.

Summer is the most popular time to move. It offers bright days and generally temperate weather and it’s easier to get time off work for relocating. If your children will be starting a new school in September, moving now enables them to get settled beforehand. You will need to book well in advance and will probably have to pay more due to higher demand.

Autumn & Winter

Autumn is the second most popular time to move. The weather is still generally dependable, and days are long at the start of autumn. Removal rates should be reasonable compared to summer’s highs.

With its cold, dark days and adverse weather, winter is people’s least favourite time for moving. Extreme weather and ice can hinder moves and may be dangerous. In December, a surge of movers seeking to get into their new property by Christmas or the New Year keeps removals firms busy. By February however, the demand for removals reaches its lowest point. Removals firms tend to lower their rates to drive business over winter.

Whatever the season, Coast Removals provide exceptional service across the North East and beyond. No matter what your favoured time for moving may be, we will look after your possessions with great care and expertise. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to find out more.