Why January is the Perfect Time to put your House up for Sale

Did you know that Boxing Day is the most popular day of the year to search for new homes? With Christmas out of the way, and the promise of springtime and fresh starts to come, many people look towards the future, including making a move to a new home. But, if you’re on the fence about it this new year, here are five reasons why putting your house up for sale in January is an excellent decision.


Putting your House Up for Sale in January:

  1. Exchange times are quicker: Since January is traditionally a quieter time for home buying, estate agents, conveyancers, and other professionals aren’t so busy. That means that your house purchase can be completed significantly faster in January compared to the rest of the year.
  2. You could get a better price: As there are fewer houses on the market in January, there’ll be more competition between potential buyers. That means you’ll be more likely to get closer to your asking price, maybe even more.
  3. Beat the Rush: House sales tend to drop off from October as people worry about exchanging in time for Christmas. January sees a renewed surge in people looking to make a move, so putting your house on the market early lets you take advantage of this.
  4. Supply and demand: With fewer houses on the market, your home is going to stand out from the rest. That means that you’ll likely be able to sell it in a shorter time frame.
  5. January is for serious buyers: In the cold and dark of January, it takes special effort to leave the comfort of a warm sofa. If people are tearing themselves away for house viewings, then you know they’re serious about making an offer.

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