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Meeting Your Tyne & Wear Storage Needs

There are many uses for off-site storage these days. These can range from storing your belongings while looking for a new home, protecting them from harms while carrying out renovations to your home, or if you’re just short of space ate home or in the office.

Coast Removals have a purpose built storage facility based in North Tyneside with 250 containers available in our warehouse.

The containers are directly loaded onto our removal trucks before arriving at your home where they can then be loaded with your belongings. The containers are then sealed and stored at our facility until you require them back, or wish to get anything out of the container.

Save time and cost

Our system speeds up the overall moving process by eliminating the need to load a van, bring it to the storage facility, load then unload a container, then repeat the process in reverse when taking your possessions to your new home. This reduces the time required and cost of the move.

Conventional storage rooms in a wide range of sizes can be arranged if you prefer to have your possessions stored in that way. Alternative sites for storage of shipping containers are also available around the Newcastle area.

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