The Ultimate House Move Checklist

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by a looming house move, but separating your to do list into chunks will make it simple to keep on top of everything.

One Month Before the House Move

If you haven’t already, start streamlining your possessions and packing any non-essential items you can live without until the move. Separate items into things that can be packed now, things for charity and things for the tip. This is the time to offload any unwanted or unloved furniture, broken toys, dated items of décor and clothes that haven’t been worn in years. This is also the period in which you can start notifying utility companies and other providers about your move.

Let them know the date you’re leaving and ensure you will be sent any outstanding bills. If you have pets, organise how they will be cared for before and during the move. If they are travelling with you, ensure you’ve got adequate carriers or vehicle space.
Finally, if you haven’t done so already, book your removals company if you’re using one. If you’re relying on other methods, such as help from family and friends, ensure everyone is clear of your requirements and the time commitment needed!

Two Weeks Before Moving

By now you should have made good headway on your packing, but if you haven’t already done so, now is the time to start packing the bulk of your belongings. Books, rarely used cooking equipment, non-seasonal clothes – packing all these now will free up time as moving day draws closer.

You can now also notify the post office of your move, and set up mail re-direction if necessary. Don’t forget to notify your bank and employer of your new address too.
You’ll also need to inform your doctor, dentist and any other medical services you regularly use of your new address, and, if you’re moving to a completely new area, you will need to register elsewhere.