Decorating your Uni Room on a Budget

Making the move to university and want to personalise your accommodation? If cash and space are at a premium, we’ve got you covered with our budget-friendly tips to add a personal stamp to your student digs.

Budget-friendly decorating tips

1. Look in charity shops and antique shops for one-off, unique pieces which don’t cost the earth. You’re guaranteed good prices on quality furniture, with items such as chairs, bedside tables, and drawers readily available to help you add your own individual stamp to your room. Local auctions also have lots of solid pieces at low prices. Beware, however, that auction houses may charge for delivering your purchase so you’ll need to factor in this cost to your budget.

2. Invest in well-made storage boxes. They will help you to organise your things, maximising the available space in your room, and keeping everything tidy.

3. Use lamps to spread a warm glow. Uni accommodation can sometimes feel a little uninspiring and adding some touches of soft light will make everything much cosier.

4. Add some small accessories such as vases, pictures of family and friends, artwork, prints, and posters. Remember that you might not be able to hang pictures using nails in your room so you might want to buy some picture hanging strips. Adding a mirror is also a great way to bring space and light to your room, as well as adding personality. Again, all of these items can often be found in charity shops, antique shops, and auctions, at bargain prices.

5. Get some greenery. Plants not only bring style and personality to a space, but they also reduce stress and can even help you sleep. Potted plants look great on a desk, and ferns make an attractive feature trailing from a shelf.

If you’re looking to make the move to your university accommodation, you can rely on Coast Removals to help with the whole process, from packing up to unloading.