Finding the Right Storage Company


Are you looking for storage space? You may be moving to a new house, working abroad or simply running out of room – the reasons for hiring storage space are endless, but It’s important to find the right company for you. The tips below will help you find the perfect storage company for your needs.

What are your Main Storage Requirements?

Think about the main factors which may affect your choice of storage company. The following points give you a starting point for thinking about your personal needs when it comes to storage space requirements.

Size of Space: Can you fit your items into the containers on offer? Is it necessary to hire a whole storage container for the amount you need stored, or does the company provide alternatives?

Delivery: Sometimes it may not be possible for you to transport your goods yourself. Does the company provide pick-up & delivery services?

Individual or Business: Are you looking for storage for personal needs, or for business requirements?

Access Hours: Think about the times that you’ll need access to your stored items, and whether the company will allow 24-hour or limited access.

Cost: Does the company provide storage within your budget? Companies may offer deals depending on the length of time you need the storage for.

Location: Check whether the company can provide storage in the right area for you.

Security: If you’re looking for extra tight security such as CCTV, locks, guards, etc., is the company able to provide you with the required surveillance?

Length of Time Required: Will you need your items stored long or short term? Some companies may have minimum storage times.

Coast Removals offers a variety of storage options, sizes and locations, serving the North East. Please call us on 0191 300 7804 or email and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding your personal storage preferences.