First Time Storage Unit Guide

Moving home or office can be a hugely stressful event and sometimes it is a great help to have a safe place to store items while you are getting yourself sorted out. You could store valuable items, items you are undecided about, or simply items you will need at a later date. 

Moving companies sometimes offer a storage facility for your belongings to keep them safe when looking for a new home, or making the transition from one dwelling to another. 

Efficiency and safety

Some storage units offer a streamlined process where robust containers are expertly packed with your items and then transported to a warehouse or storage facility where they can be held securely until you need them again. The containers can be sealed for safe storage to make sure they are not damaged in any way by damp or dust or impact. 

This container system offers a range of benefits, including saving time and money. Rather than have a van come to collect the belongings, to be loaded up, then unloaded at the other end, a container is filled. The container is then transported, and stored until its contents are needed again. Rather than having to load each item onto a van, the container simply needs to be collected and then taken to its destination where it can be unpacked. 

More Secure

This reduces the possibility of loss and breakage and makes sure your items reach their new destination in the exact same state that they left the previous one. Your belongings only need to be packed once before they eventually arrive at their new location. 

Coast Removals & Storage are always happy to help when it comes making moving easier and more convenient. With a storage facility that is purpose-built and can hold up to 250 containers, you can relax knowing your valuable belongings are being looked after safely and securely until you need them again.