How to be Prepared for the Big Moving Day

Taking time to prepare and plan carefully will help your moving day go as smoothly as possible.

Before Moving Day

Think about where furniture will go in the new property. Measure spaces for large items carefully and consider whether you will be able to take them with you. Use the opportunity to slim down your belongings: packing and unpacking will be quicker if you take less with you.

Pack your least-used items first and leave the essentials to a couple of days before to minimise the disruption to daily life.

Pack and label your boxes according to their destination and include a brief outline of the contents. This will make unpacking much easier. It can help to have a labelled floorplan of the new property for you and your removers to refer to so that everyone knows where boxes and furniture should be placed. You may also wish to keep a list of the contents of each box.

Plan ahead for the moving day itself: will young children and pets need to be cared for? Will you eat out on moving day, take a meal in a cool bag or have a takeaway?

On Moving Day

Pack away bedding and label these boxes clearly so that you can find them easily. Pack a small bag to keep with you containing any essential documents and medication, phone, your cards and cash.

Don’t pack your hoover or cleaning kit away; these will be needed to quickly clean each room after the boxes and furniture have been loaded. You will also want them handy at the destination.

Check carefully in each room that nothing is left behind. Don’t forget to look inside cupboards. Finally, take photographs of the utility meter readings and lock up.

Unpack and make your bed at the destination before you do anything else!

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