Packing up a Kitchen Effectively

When moving to a new house, the kitchen is arguably the trickiest area to sort out and pack up. There are three main categories of items to consider which are food and drink, crockery and your kitchen appliances and white goods.

It is crucial to pack a box of essentials to get you through your first few hours and days in your new home. This will be primarily food items such as bread, eggs, tea and coffee, as well as some drinks including wine or beer perhaps! You then need some crockery and appliance essentials such as a kettle, bottle opener or corkscrew and some plates, knives and forks.

So, to return to those main categories:

Sort out your kitchen appliances and utensils by making trips to the tip and the charity shops. Avoid packing anything which you have not used for a long time. How many sets of plates do you really need? Was that pasta machine such a good idea? Once you have completed this task, packing will not seem as daunting.

White goods are a very different category and will require expertise. Use up the food in your fridge and pack what is viable to take with you. Defrost the freezer, emptying it and using up the food first. The washing machine and dishwasher will need disconnecting. Check with your removal company if they offer this service.

In terms of food and drink, store cupboard food is straightforward. Think carefully, however, about taking liquids such as oils and vinegars; they can spill and cause damage. Consider wine boxes for your wine and spirits. Fresh goods should be kept to a minimum; just take what you will need for your immediate meals.

For all of your packing, ensure that you have plenty of boxes and packing material such as newspaper, bubble wrap and tissue paper.