Storage Units vs Warehouses

Storage units offer safe and secure storage facilities for a variety of users. They usually consist of many rooms / units within a large building and are rented out for flexible periods of time, providing a personal secure environment for anything that needs to be stored. They are referred to as “self-storage” units and whilst they provide a low cost and conveniently flexible solution, they are just that – self-storage units.

If you have items that need storing, your goods will have to be taken to the unit which could involve loading them into a van, transporting them to the unit and unloading and moving to the storage unit itself. Clearly a lot of work with increased risk of damage to your items which can be significant when, for example, a house move involves temporary accommodation and storage of the contents of the entire house.

Using a warehouse to store either personal or business items such as stock and materials will require the service provided by companies offering warehouse-based storage. Professional removal and storage companies can combine both elements of their service to create a complete solution.

For example, for higher volume storage, purpose-designed trucks will bring a container to your home or office and all your items will be placed in one or more containers. The containers will be sealed and then taken to the storage facility (warehouse) and kept in a highly secure environment. When needed, the containers can be brought to your new home or office and unloaded in a safe and professional manner.

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Storage units are ideal for storing smaller items and perhaps more durable items. However, for those larger house and office moves and especially when high value items are involved, a complete turnkey solution will take away all the hard work and risk. Coast Removals can meet all your storage needs, providing a range of options, so get in touch with us today!