Why Someone Should Move to the North East

Sometimes overshadowed in the media by southern regions, the North East of England is beautiful, diverse part of the country and there are many reasons to make the move.

The Scenery

There’s a reason people talk about the “wilds” of Northumberland – rolling moors! It’s a wonderful place to explore on foot, on horseback, or via any other mode of transport. The North York Moors are another haven for those who love the great outdoors and a bit of adventure.

Of course, on the eastern boundary is a spectacular coastline, with quintessential seaside towns dotted along the rugged shoreline.

The Culture

The culture is vibrant. There’s a lot more to the North East than impressive football teams and life has continued beyond mining. There are endless galleries and museums, and sites of historical interest. Hadrian’s Wall is among the most famous but there are lots of castles too.

The North East doesn’t just look to the past however; there is a lot going on that is very much about the present day and looking to the future. There are art exhibitions and music festivals, and for those looking for work, a boom in the digital industry has made a big difference.

House prices are increasing all over the country, but the rate in the North East is slower so property remains more affordable, especially for those trying to get on to the housing ladder for the first time. The locals are friendly, so getting on with new neighbours is unlikely to be a problem and if you have ever met someone from the North East living somewhere else, you’ll know that the passion never leaves them.

Getting around is easy, with good road and rail links. The Lake District is a neighbour, as is Scotland. If you’re ready to make the move, why not contact a tried and tested removal firm such as Coast Removals for a reliable service and a warm North East welcome.